The Secret To A Great Kitchen or Bath is Out of the Box

Ready to take on a new kitchen, bath or other home project and in need of high quality cabinets?  Don't want to waste any more evenings or weekends driving around to the big boxes in hope of finding your new shelves off-the-shelf?

At Quality Cove, we believe a great kitchen or bath isn't something you pick up, it's something you pick-out. Something you plan to meet your every need.

That's why we offer over complementary design services, over 10 different cabinet styles and a wide range of accessories and countertops.

We offer all-wood construction, dove-tail drawers and adjustable hinges - features usually found on cabinets costing thousands more. 

One thing you won't find? Particle board. We think that's for boxes - big boxes.

So, if you want a great quality kitchen at unbelievable prices, the secret is out of the box. Quality Cove, formerly Apple City Cabinets, has what you're looking for. Visit our spacious showroom or give us a call today